On a perfectly rainy day in Paris, I got a tattoo, got caught on the train, met a friend for coffee (the incredible Pierre). As I left the coffee shop, I realized I was craving my favorite food and asked Pierre for a pho recommendation. He sent me to Le Petite Cambodge so I meandered my way there. Getting a tattoo can take some energy, so I was so ready for the meal, but didn’t let that stop me from people watching. The light that evening was stunning. Right as I was finishing, Tina and Milos sat down next to me. I heard them speaking English and before we left, we connected on Instagram. I dm’d Tina the next morning and asked if they’d be interested in doing a photo session in Paris. They said YES and we met up in Belleville.

I’m obsessed with these photos. Please enjoy this song with them!




Savannah Lauren | Photography
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