“Shoot Film!” – Probably some famous person.

The last time I shot film, I was in college. I loved it. The tangible nature of the darkroom, the delayed gratification that’s unlike most things in our modern world, the smell of the chemicals, all combined to give me a much greater understanding of this art that I call my job.

All through high school, I taught myself photo-editing and graphics. I spent all my spare time on GIMP (an open-source photoshop equivalent) and loved every second of learning to change colors and exposure. Then I entered the darkroom and suddenly, I was doing with my hands what I had been clicking a button for. It meant so much more. Understanding the history and the science that our digital world was born from makes what we do on a daily basis that much richer.

My friends Jake & Ben are some talented local photographers who put together some events where people can come and learn or return to film. I wasn’t able to make it out until the Eighth one, but I had the best time taking photos of everyone that was around!

My friend Stephen loaned me a camera and a roll of Agfa Vista to shoot. The first set of images below are my film images. Before you say “WHY IS THAT ONE IN BLACK AND WHITE IF YOU WERE SHOOTING COLOR FILM?”

Glad you asked. I thought it would be snazzy in black and white, so I did it. Thanks for asking. 😉

“Go shoot film!” – Me


Here are my digitals! The separation in the reflection in the water blew my mind. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!


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