Samantha and I met on the internet about 4 years ago. I posted a photo in a photography group and she messaged me and said “One day when I get married, you’re going to be my wedding photographer.” At that time, she lived in Canada, Evert lived in the Netherlands, and neither knew the other existed.

We kept in touch, and I watched via Facebook as she moved to Amsterdam to start a new adventure. I eagerly followed posts about dates and hikes and smiles. She messaged me telling me how wonderful he was and I reminded her of what she’d said…just to make sure she remembered!

Once they got engaged, we skyped so they could assure people I was real, and a few months later I found myself on a plane to Amsterdam.

Their wedding was so beautiful. A day full of light, whimsy, laughter, Dutch, English, dancing, stolen kisses, very public kisses, and so so so much love.

They had their day guests for a beautiful light lunch and dinner party under the trees, then went to the church where they first met to get married. The ceremony was an explosion of joy, full of worship, happy tears, and surprise balloons.

After they said “I do”, everyone went back to the venue, “Der Leperkoen” (The leprechaun) to dance and celebrate for the rest of the night.

I wish I could experience it all again.


P.S. Their new last name is Mom, which will explain a few things as you scroll down!


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