Never underestimate the power of the internet!

When Bri and I took a spring break road trip, we mostly stayed at Airbnb’s because I LOVE THEM. It’s one of my life’s goals to be an Airbnb host at some point, but Sam and Gloria are already living that dream and this post is about them. Their house was so cute, but what I noticed when I was looking at the listing was how cute they were!

I messaged them to see if I could do their photos, they said yes, and we spent the best afternoon together.

Sam is a musician (You can listen to him here on Spotify), so we started out in their home and backyard recording studio before we moved to the Parthenon by Centennial Park and then warmed up a bit and watched the snow flurries from Salt & Vine.

This California/Florida-transplant girl was FREEZING in those early spring temps, but when I’m this excited about something beautiful, I don’t care at all.

Check out Sam’s music and enjoy their pictures!

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