Nicole and Ricky found me for their Miami engagement photos through our mutual friend and incredibly talented photographer Karston! They were flying in from Los Angeles on vacation, and since traveling is something they have prioritized all through their relationship, they thought engagement pictures WHILE traveling would be a great idea.

I drove down and we met by the murals of Wynwood to get to know each other through some photos!

When we were done there we hopped in the car to the W South Beach so they could change and we could get those last rays of perfect sun on their balcony and the beach. There’s something about being at the very edge of a continent that I thing makes the light just a little bit better and the kisses a little bit sweeter.

These two have been together since high school, and I almost cried when Nicole texted me one of the photos later and said it’s her favorite picture of them EVER. It melts me to think that I get to try to create something so beautiful and significant for my couples. Never gonna get over that.


Savannah Lauren | Photography
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