Not to be cheesy in any way…but there are many couples out there that I think are wonderful together, but Reggie and Lyss are a couple that when I see them or hang out with them I can’t imagine how they could have ever not known they were perfect for each other. 
They are a great combination of goofy and romantic. As we walked around Sausalito there were moments of kissing and there were moments of karate chops. 
They were the very first couple that I ever shot engagement pictures for, and I was actually one of Lyss’s bridesmaids, so we have a pretty great history of photos and friendship. 
This is one of my favorite shoots that’s I’ve done to date, and they have already let me know that they love them.
I’m going to miss you guys when I move, but I love you and hopefully this won’t be our last shoot. 😉

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