“See how the morning breaks
Its the simplest of love songs
But its all our hearts can take
And though we lose our stake
Heaven is where we make
Even in the smallest places
Can a garden grow”
-Noah Gundersen

Becca, to me, is one of those friends that’s in your heart. We understand each other, and the day we did this photoshoot, neither of us were feeling amazing, it was WAYY too hot here in Florida to really be November, but we went to the park where she got married (John Chestnut Park), and took the quilt from their engagement session with us.

I told her these remind me of a cross between Wes Anderson and Beatrix Potter. Even though I don’t think either of us was feeling it, these came out exactly how I would have wanted them, and to be completely honest, in this creative process, I’m not always going to be feeling it, and that’s the constant struggle of trying to do something that dwells moodily in your heart for a living. But it is always worth it. People are always beautiful, whether it’s 85 degrees in Florida in November or not.

Becca, I love you and Zach, and I can’t wait to meet Jeremiah.

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