Rayna and Jon love their community, they love people, and from the very first time we met, they made it clear that they want their wedding to be eco-friendly, locally sourced, sustainable, some country engagement photos and whatever other good way to have a wedding you can think of! Rayna runs the non-profit Four Letter Word which provides resources and education to empower individuals and communities to build self-sustainable habitats. They brought me coffee from their trip to help an orphanage in Guatemala with a chicken coop so they’d be able to start feeding themselves and having an industry.

It was no surprise to me when Rayna wanted to do their engagement pictures at one of our local fruit stands, Bearss Groves, and then go out to a farm for sunset. I obviously said “YES PLEASE” and off we went. At the farm we worked with Morning Star Spirit, a horse who works with Beauty From Ashes equine therapy program, to help victims of abuse, exploitation and sex trafficking.

You know it’s going to be a good session when your couple is willing to do a spit-take with their soda and romp through a field for 20 minutes to wherever you say “hmmmm, maybe over there? nah….sorry….come back…YES STOP, DON’T MOVE, THAT IS PERFECT!”

Love you guys! Can’t wait for your wedding!

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