My morning with Noelle was incredibly special. I asked her to do an Intrepid Session with me and while she was extremely supportive of the whole idea her wonderful daughter Audrey had to talk her into it.

Noelle has a heart that doesn’t always behave itself, and she’s been in and out of the hospital a lot lately, but she’s never without her hope, her goofy sense of humor and her beautiful smile. Her heart doesn’t always let her follow through on plans, and this particular day was one of those days.

I arrived and she was very nervous about taking photos and then the fatigue that comes with staying alive took over a little, so we just spent some very sweet time together, and the 10 or so photos that I did take are that much more meaningful to me now, because spending a morning with Noelle is an incredible blessing.

Taking time to truly know someone is one of the most valuable things we can do. Let us never live as if we have better things to do than knowing one another.

Much love, Noelle.


How are you feeling about yourself today?

The day of the session I was feeling that I’d rather go home. New season in my life and new haircut! 

Can you describe your daily routine for getting ready to leave the house?

My husband and I pray together before getting out of bed; then rally together; him making breakfast smoothies and I breakfast and lunch for our daughter…  Yes, she’s capable, but this is a special way  we show her these years matter to us. Then I put my hair back, my mascara on, and face the morning commute to take my daughter to school.

Do you have one or two things that you do to make yourself feel more confident?

To physically help with my confidence I’ve put away the tops that were two sizes too big. (For whatever reason my shirts became something I had preferred to wear too big)


How did this session make you feel?

This session made me feel like thanking my God for his creation and for hugs. I also feel like I know Savannah better!

How did the photos make you feel?

The photos were crazy because though I’ve wanted photos taken of myself for my daughter to have actually having photos taken of me seemed out of place!

Do you have a hard time seeing yourself as beautiful?

I think based on the definition of beauty, in my interpretation, it leaves me feeling somewhere in between because I know my mind, I know my heart. And someone’s heart, to me, influences their beauty outwardly.

If you’re comfortable talking about it, what’s something that has been a hard insecurity to fight in your life and has that always been the case?

You’d think I’d say my scars! (From heart surgery) I can’t say there has been a hard security issue physically. I do feel like there’s a layer of lingering fright when pondering the moment of my last breath. As a child I would often cry myself to sleep. However, having a relationship with God has comforted me tremendously.


What are your favorite physical features about yourself?

This seems funny to me, but my first thought were my wrists.  They are small and I like them a lot!

What are your favorite NON-physical features about yourself?

I would say my feet. I grew up wearing too big or too small of shoes. Rarely did I even like wearing shoes! To this day I don’t like wearing shoes.


What is one thing that makes you feel loved?

There are so many things that make me feel loved, but they all point to the grace of God and THAT, my friend, makes me feel loved!!

Do you have anything you’d like to share with others about beauty, worth, or these sessions?

I’m no beauty expert; but I find that not focusing on myself but focusing on the beauty that surrounds me helps in feeling content. It puts a smile on my face and isn’t a smile the most beautiful thing on a woman?


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