I had to call my mom and thank her for naming me Savannah after this shoot. Nan googled “savannah engagement photography” and found my site…BECAUSE THAT IS ALSO MY NAME! Thankfully, I LOVE Savannah, Georgia, and it’s been on my list of places to do photos for soooo long. If you find me through googling the same, I’d also love to do some Savannah Wedding Photography if you’re looking. 😉

Nan and Mike are both in their residencies at hospitals in New York and Chicago, but wanted to take some pictures in a place they hadn’t been together for their engagement. They picked Savannah since it’s a short drive from where they celebrated Thanksgiving.

Savannah is such a creative old town, full of gorgeous old houses, little sweet parks and kind people. The Coffee Fox is one of my favorite coffee shops of all time. Nan mentioned that they like to get coffee together, so after we did photos in the Hanbok that she had custom made after one she saw on Pinterest, we took a little coffee break. We also attempted to go take photos at the Wormsloe Historic Site, but…word to the wise…they’re closed on Mondays. 😉

I love when people customize their engagement pictures to reflect things they like to do and this was a perfect example!

Also I got to experience some real Autumn and it was wonderful.

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