Manasa is the kind of person around whom you can’t help but laugh, not because she says things like “Can you tell what my halloween costume is?…OBVIOUSLY I’m a cloud princess.” but because the joy of being alive is present in everything she does and she fights for it.

This morning was about the peace of being alive in the sunrise light. And being barefoot. The Lotus Pond is a great place to be barefoot. Manasa teaches yoga there and she said she felt that it was a place she’d feel at home and confident in, so we went.

Much love, Manasa.


How are you feeling about yourself today?

Today I feel grateful for the body and the mind that I have and for the ability and freedom to experience the spirit of a beautiful day through nature and all of the people around me.

Can you describe your daily routine for getting ready to leave the house?

I like to drink warm water, take a nice shower and practice yoga anywhere from ten minutes to one hour depending on how much time I have. Then I like to spend a few minutes outside just looking up at the sky and trees before getting in my car to go anywhere.

Do you have one or two things that you do to make yourself feel more confident?

Spending time in nature and traveling to unknown places always allow me to feel more confident.


How did this session make you feel?

I don’t feel comfortable with my pictures being taken, so this helped bring that discomfort to the surface so I could let it go and just be more relaxed and have fun while enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

How did the photos make you feel?

The photos made me feel older than I am and at the same time it felt nice to see myself with nature.

Do you have a hard time seeing yourself as beautiful?

No, as a child I would look at nature and other people and feel how beautiful everything and everyone was, and somehow I always knew inside that I am beautiful just like the rest of creation. We are all made with so much love.


If you’re comfortable talking about it, what’s something that has been a hard insecurity to fight in your life?

Being a second-generation immigrant has been a hard insecurity to fight.

Has that always been the case?

No. When I was eleven years old, I experienced my first encounter with racism which was when this insecurity began. I was bullied and made fun of for being and looking different.  I felt both proud of my ancestors and excited to be in America, but I also felt unsafe, and judged for everything that lend to me being who I am as a person.

What are your favorite physical features about yourself?

My brown eyes and strong legs from years of running and dance.

What are your favorite NON-physical features about yourself?

A willingness to work hard and always do my best.


What is one thing that makes you feel loved?

Every time I teach a yoga class, I feel deeply loved and feel love toward all of my students.

Do you have anything you’d like to share with others about beauty, worth, or these sessions?

Beauty is not an external thing. It is a state of being, whether it is joy, gratitude, love, or a moment that is pure and precious. From this state within, beauty radiates outward. I feel beauty and worth are something to be felt because every person is already whole as they are. There is nothing outside of us that we need to chase or acquire to become worthy or beautiful. We are perfect exactly as we are. We are love.


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