In my second year of college, I was just back from a semester in Israel, where I had found a new love in photography of people and places and the adventures of life. Settling back in to college life was bumpy and exciting; full of new friends and a new schedule. Amid all those things I stuck with taking pictures, and Sara was one of the first to ever ask me to take pictures of her.
We worked in the college cafeteria together and with her wonderful sense of fun and her tendency to pronounce everything “Romantica,” we had fun and I did (incidentally) a falltime photoshoot with her.
When I left college we didn’t keep in touch much other than facebook, but Sara is now engaged to the awesome Kyle, and she e-mailed me to find out it there would be any way that I could do their engagement pictures.
Sara is from Ecuador, but Kyle’s family lives about an hour from my Aunt’s house where I was at Thanksgiving, and so we met up for the shoot, and Sara had brought a truck full of props, outfit options, 2 friends for assistants, and a head full of ideas. 
It was a fun shoot in a beautiful park, and I really love the emotion between the two of them and how it came across in the photos!

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