Sometimes as a photographer, you have no idea how a shoot-day is going to go. Rahul emailed me about capturing his proposal to Kristin at Fort Desoto State Park, and I was super excited, but we never met. I showed up the day of the shoot slightly worried about several factors, not the least of which was thehuge storm that I’d driven through to get there which seemed to be heading in our general direction.

Once I met these two, though, the metaphorical skies cleared even though the physical ones didn’t and it was like sunshine in spirit was pouring into my camera. It rained on us a little and they laughed and danced in it. They shared letters they’d written for each other as he proposed and it was probably just the rain, but my face was for sure wet.

Rahul lives in Tampa and works as an analyst while he finishes his master’s degree, Kristin owns a Tango studio in Montreal, and they met dancing tango. I think a little of the passion of that dance is evident here. Looking forward to seeing what you two do together in life!!

Enjoy the pictures, and listen to this pretty song while you do!


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