Just so we’re all clear, Kelsey and Aaron are already married and “fair engagement pictures” is just for SEO purposes. 😉

Sometimes you get an idea and you have to chase it. I think it was (to be quite honest) spurred by an episode of Jane The Virgin I watched that had a fair/carnival scene. I am in love with using available light as well, so a few days after I watched the episode, in a fit of inspiration, I realized I was WASTING my chance to shoot at the state fair here in Tampa. I put out a model call on my Facebook and the second Kelsey (who’s my favorite makeup artist) replied, my vision came to life in my head.

All through the night as we hung out, played games, watched the circus, ate cheese fries and laughed together, I was having the best time, and then I stayed up until 1 am when i got home because the joy of making something that works out is the best kind of adrenaline.

“I need to be a cute husband tonight. A ‘cusband.'” – Aaron

He succeeded. You guys are a cute couple, and I’d make a portmanteau of that too, but couple already starts with a C.

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