Joe is an aspiring producer and artist and we’ve been talking about doing photos for SOO long.

We had all these plans to do his photos at golden hour in Ybor City, but he was coming back from signing a lease at his new apartment in Orlando, pursuing his dreams, and got stuck in horrendous traffic, so he arrived right after the sun had set, but there’s light everywhere, so I told him that it was time to make some pictures.

Night portrait photography can be extremely challenging, but if photography is writing with light, it jut takes thinking a little differently. You’ve gotta write with a utensil that looks a little differently.

I love it. joe-ybor-city-portrait-1 joe-ybor-city-portrait-2 joe-ybor-city-portrait-3 joe-ybor-city-portrait-4 joe-ybor-city-portrait-5 joe-ybor-city-portrait-6 joe-ybor-city-portrait-7 joe-ybor-city-portrait-8 joe-ybor-city-portrait-9 joe-ybor-city-portrait-10 joe-ybor-city-portrait-11 joe-ybor-city-portrait-12 joe-ybor-city-portrait-13 joe-ybor-city-portrait-14 joe-ybor-city-portrait-15 joe-ybor-city-portrait-16 joe-ybor-city-portrait-17 joe-ybor-city-portrait-18 joe-ybor-city-portrait-19 joe-ybor-city-portrait-20 joe-ybor-city-portrait-21 joe-ybor-city-portrait-22 joe-ybor-city-portrait-23 joe-ybor-city-portrait-24 joe-ybor-city-portrait-25 joe-ybor-city-portrait-26 joe-ybor-city-portrait-27 joe-ybor-city-portrait-28 joe-ybor-city-portrait-29 joe-ybor-city-portrait-30 joe-ybor-city-portrait-31 joe-ybor-city-portrait-32 joe-ybor-city-portrait-33 joe-ybor-city-portrait-34 joe-ybor-city-portrait-35 joe-ybor-city-portrait-36 joe-ybor-city-portrait-37 joe-ybor-city-portrait-38 joe-ybor-city-portrait-39

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