Because you are beautiful, you are valuable, you have worlds inside you and trepidation is no way to go through life.

In a culture that is based around making you feel bad for what you look like, for wearing makeup one day, and not the next. For girls  who “try too hard”, for girls who “let themselves go”, I am here to show you that EVERY DAY you are beautiful. Not just when you get a makeover, not just when you get up the courage to post that selfie without makeup, not just when you leave your house wearing sweatpants, or when you risk your neck with those fantastic heels. The you that you see in the mirror on days when you feel pretty good about yourself (that you don’t think really exists because your cousin’s snapchat story caught you in a bad light) IS real.

Regardless of what you do, these sessions are empowerment as much as they are art, because YOU are art and you should be shown that. Let me be a mirror that can only speak truth to you about how incredible the life inside of you is  and how beautifully it spills out.

A fourth of the proceeds from every Intrepid Session will be donated toward a session for someone who can’t afford one. Contact me to find out more about becoming Intrepid!



Elsa was the first.
Our morning together was full of slightly nervous laughter and “Hey…trust me…stand in the weeds.”

Her beauty and strength astonished me at every turn and I can’t wait for you to hear her thoughts on beauty, along with her honesty about being herself.

Much love, Elsa.



Ashlee’s a spunky home organizer who loves her dogs, rock climbs like a beast, writes beautiful things on her Instagram mini-blogs and does a mean Anjelah Johnson impression.

She’s got a lovely loud voice, and louder thoughts filled with strength and vulnerability.

Much love to you Ashlee!



Most of the Intrepid Sessions have little plan to them, other than seeking to make the person I’m creating with feel extremely loved and seen. Elyza mentioned how much she loves doing aerials at Shinobi School, so after we walked around where she lives, focusing on her, we went there and let her show off her strength and artistry.

Always take time to know the beautiful things people hold below their surfaces.

Much love Elyza!



Manasa is the kind of person around whom you can’t help but laugh, not because she says things like “Can you tell what my halloween costume is?…OBVIOUSLY I’m a cloud princess.” but because the joy of being alive is present in everything she does and she fights for it.

This morning was about the peace of being alive in the sunrise light. And being barefoot. The Lotus Pond is a great place to be barefoot. Manasa teaches yoga there and she said she felt that it was a place she’d feel at home and confident in, so we went.

Much love, Manasa.



There’s no limit to the value of taking a little time to know someone. When you are giving and looking out for how you can make someone feel loved for however much time you have to spend with them, you’ll probably learn a lot more than you expected to give.

Sarah’s a brilliant almost-teacher with some awesome stories about traveling Europe and a lot of heart to share.

Much love Sarah.



Marissa owns motherhood well. She works to live simply and well for her family’s sake and it shows. The night before we did this shoot she had just returned from sitting with a loved one suffering enormous loss together. The stillness of the morning showed me why I do these sessions. Life is full of joys, and they can be found in the sunburst and the shadow. We saw both.

Much love, Marissa.



My morning with Noelle was incredibly special. I asked her to do an Intrepid Session with me and while she was extremely supportive of the whole idea her wonderful daughter Audrey had to talk her into it.

Noelle has a heart that doesn’t always behave itself, and she’s been in and out of the hospital a lot lately, but she’s never without her hope, her goofy sense of humor and her beautiful smile. Her heart doesn’t always let her follow through on plans, and this particular day was one of those days.

Much love, Noelle.