After multiple layovers, multiple flights, 2 hours of sleep total, 2 hours in the car from the airport to the conference center here, I safely arrived in Honduras yesterday evening. 🙂 I immediately joined in with a kickball game with a bunch of the kids that live here, and then began taking pics of them when i realized that my meager kicking and running skills were not really needed with as much manpower as they had out there on the field. 🙂
I’ve been going all over and taking tons of pictures, I’m testing out a 50 mm 1.2 lens and LOVING IT. I’m currently scheming ways that i can both steal the adorable baby of the family i’m staying with, and avoid returning the lens. 😉
Tomorrow I’ll be shooting Kimberly and Edwin’s wedding, and I am quite excited. It’s shaping up to be gorgeous!
I’ll be posting my pictures of Honduras up here probably when i get home, but here’s a picture of Kimberly and Edwin that i took at their rehearsal tonight. Enjoy!
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