One of the joys of being a photographer is having friends who are also photographers! Grasi & Dani are photographers, originally from Brazil, who live near me; when they aren’t touring the country shooting weddings with their son Otto.

Jam sessions are their term for short photo hangouts, which…as a musician and someone who LOVES music…makes perfect sense to me when I consider how we bounced off each others’ creativity and made something we loved.

These two are so encouraging and so much fun. They’ve never had anyone do photos for them in the 15 years they’ve been together, so we roamed my little neighborhood, Seminole Heights, here in Tampa, and got a little creative.

Here are the photos they took of me that day! 

Thanks guys for being the best!

Thanks to Nicko’s and the Seminole Heights Laundromat for letting us take photos! Also, whoever owns that purple building, you the real MVP.


Savannah Lauren is a Seminole Heights Photographer.

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