Most of the Intrepid Sessions have little plan to them, other than seeking to make the person I’m creating with feel extremely loved and seen. Elyza mentioned how much she loves doing aerials at Shinobi School, so after we walked around where she lives, focusing on her, we went there and let her show off her strength and artistry.

Always take time to know the beautiful things people hold below their surfaces.

Much love Elyza!


How are you feeling about yourself today?

Today I feel good. I was a little bit of a zombie at first when I woke up because I got in late last night, but a cup of coffee, excitement, and a fun morning out with good company put me in a bright mood for the day!

Can you describe your daily routine for getting ready to leave the house?

Typically, getting up for the day involves a slow wake up in bed anywhere between nine and eleven while my mind gears itself up for the day. The quick morning session of catching up on what I missed in text messages and social media usually happens around this time. A search for something cozy and comfortable to wear generally is the gist of my style, and I’ve recently taken to checking the weather in case I need extra coziness. I’m usually in a rush because I have a clingy relationship with sleep and always think I have more time than I do–this leaves me with a cup of coffee if I’m lucky, and then a check for “phone, wallet, keys” sends me out the door.

Do you have one or two things that you do to make yourself feel more confident?

Umm…not so much in the morning. I try to make my bed because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished at least one thing that day already. I picked up that matching my undies makes me feel like I have my life a little put together. In general I’ve noticed I feel more confident when I’ve brushed and done something to my hair to make it less of a pyramid monster–generally this means a ponytail, bun, or braid. I don’t like to wear my hair down when it’s too floofy, like just after I’ve brushed it.


How did this session make you feel?

I had a lot of fun! It was a great and fun adventure to be able to share. I felt very shy at first, I’ve never done anything like this before, but got more comfortable as Savannah is so easy to talk to. It helped that all I had to do is be myself. I’m not good at being someone else.

How did the photos make you feel?

Looking at them now, I feel so pretty and flattered!! My favorites so far are the aerials photos–because I feel proud of myself for the hard work and fun I can see in them. All of them make me so happy though! Saying I have favorites is a little inaccurate, each one looks so incredible.

Do you have a hard time seeing yourself as beautiful?

Beautiful, yes. I can accept pretty, and I hear “cute” all the time. Beautiful just doesn’t sound compatible to myself in my head.


If you’re comfortable talking about it, what’s something that has been a hard insecurity to fight in your life?

Hmmm…my hair is something of an insecurity battle I kind of ignore. Lately I’ve been really struggling with the notion that I’m not done with school yet, and that I don’t have a stellar paying job to counteract that or anything. I’ve been arguing with that insecurity by reminding myself that I’m still furthering myself and still growing regardless. And moving out to the city “on my own” combined with a recent break up and busy friend schedules have done a number on me, but I know I have good friends here and that I will be okay. Training at Shinobi School (Where I do aerials) helps a lot, keeps me feeling productive. There is an amazing group of humans in the community. 

Has that always been the case?

No, it started a year or two ago when I started getting behind in school. I only have two classes left to finish my A.A. though, I’m so close! I think the moving blues is just a thing that exists though.


What are your favorite physical features about yourself?

Oh. Hmm. Can my face when I smile count? I appreciate that a lot. Happy face is the best face, and I like it when I’m so happy I’m grinning. Also, I guess I don’t draw a lot of attention to it–mostly because there just isn’t any need to and also because I’m ticklish, but I appreciate my abdomen a lot. The skin is all smooth.

What are your favorite NON-physical features about yourself?

I love that I like the little things–sunrises, sitting in fields, late night drives, somebody’s laughter, morning coffee. The other day I was feeling really blue and while I was walking a dandelion seed floated and whirled by with the breeze. Instant cheer up; it reminded me of younger days. I made a small wish and blew a quiet thank you into the sky.


What is one thing that makes you feel loved?

Hugs. The bear kind. And gifts where I’ve been thought about–a leaf, something fluffy, a tea or coffee, could be anything as long as it’s for me from you. Oh, and when someone wants to go do something but specifically wants to go with me. 

Do you have anything you’d like to share with others about beauty, worth, or these sessions?

Fall in love with yourself! And then fall in love with life and the world! Do it at the same time! Be the person you want to be when you die. (Happy!)


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