If you love pretty attractive rockin’ people, or you’re just looking for some outdoor wedding ideas, look no further. Chris and Cassie’s  outdoor wedding at Bird Island Lake Ranch near San Antonio, Fl was the perfect inspiration. A million thanks to my friend Jacob Bennet for letting me second shoot this with you and letting me share my shots! Check out his set by clicking on his name!

This was the kind of wedding where from start to finish, everyone was having the time of their life. One of the groomsmen rapped his speech, and after it was so highly acclaimed, did it again. Cassie was the most chill bride I’ve ever seen in my life, and even when Chris’s ring got stuck when she tried to put it on him during the ceremony, she persevered and made it work.

The party. THE PARTY. This was one of the craziest and most fun receptions I’ve ever been to, everyone was dancing. EVERYONE. Even when it started raining, everyone broke out bandanas and continued to rock it out in the rain.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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