Dear friends, travel photography is one of the dearest things to my heart. I read a book a few years ago that referred to “Cartier-Bresson’s Paris” meaning the one he captured in his photos. If you’ve followed my work for long, you know Paris is so special to me, but I’ve tried to branch out to loving other places. I love the idea that through my photos I can share my experience of a place. This January I had the chance to accompany my friends to Budapest to document their family reunion. This Budapest is not just mine, the vision belongs to the children I went with too.

At the end of that trip I went to Barcelona for a few days by myself. I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the Sagrada Familia and explored the interior in hushed awe, trying not to sing at how tangible the colors of the light seemed. Winter sunset on the Mediterranean before filling myself up with glasses of wine and Spanish bread made me so happy. My very last night I wandered and ended up front row for the parade for Twelfth Night. The imagination it was put together with blew my mind. These places are everything to me. Enjoy way too many pictures and drop me a comment if you love them.

Also, feel free to enjoy the playlist I began building on this trip as you look.

From there to Barcelona